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CELEBLAWS, P.A. is headquartered in Orlando, FL. We also have offices in New York and, with the approval of China's Ministry of Justice, Guangzhou, China.

We have experience in a wide range of fields such as commercial transactions and litigations, intellectual property, and immigration. Our lawyers are experienced, diligent, and passionate. There are senior lawyers with decades of practice experience, as well as energetic and zealous young lawyers. Our clients include the U.S. branches of publicly listed companies, well-known U.S. banks, large blockchain companies, well-known packaging companies, agricultural companies, light industry enterprises, as well as start-up companies founded international students, etc.

As for investment-related legal services, our clients include big enterprises as well as small and medium companies. We help clients set up, acquire and invest in American companies, expand the company's scale and business scope, and handle relevant immigrant and non-immigrant visas incidentally. In terms of immigration legal services, we are experienced in various immigration visa applications (occupational immigration, investment immigration, outstanding talent green card, transnational executive green card, relative immigration, marriage green card, etc.), as well as non-immigrant visas applications (H-1B, L-1,  O-1, P-1, TN, F-1, B-1 / 2, etc.).

Our team’s lawyers can speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese. With the opening of our Guangzhou office, we are better positioned to serve our clients in China and provide them with localized legal support from the United States.

Service Area

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         We are committed to help our clients, especially Chinese-speaking clients. Regarding investment and corporate legal services, our services include corporate investment, merger, acquisition, restructuring, setting up joint venture and other entities, distribution and sales agent agreement, due diligence, equity allocation proposal, as well as legal opinions on the legal compliance of blockchain and virtual currencies. We also provide other legal services for companies, such as employment, risk management, insurance, taxation, and compliance.

         In the meantime, we are also experienced in Florida and New York state law issues. Regarding real-estate issues, we review deeds, loan and other documents, litigate and settle disputes between landlords and tenants. For criminal defense, we have experience in defending various misdeameanors and felonies, including but not limited to assault and battery, murders and manslaughters, domestic violence, possession of drug, alcohol, firearms, and so on. For civil matters, we help clients apply for restraining orders and injunctions, set up trusts, draft and probate wills, draft pre- and post-nuptial agreement, divorce (contested and uncontested), negotiate debt, repair credit, and so on. As for business matters, we help client establish and transfer companies, negotiate commercial matters, review contracts, draft shareholder agreements, as well as other services that help our clients succesffuly start and run their businesses.


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