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Newsletter | Celeblaws P.A. and Guangdong Greenleaf successfully held a U.S.-related legal services introduction and business cooperation seminar

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Cross-border e-commerce has been at the forefront of the industry for the past decade. The adjustment of China's epidemic prevention policy and the reopening of the country have also brought new opportunities for immigration-related services. Transnational marriages, wills, and trusts are also popular topics among high-networth Chinese individuals. Therefore, attorney LIU, Qinghe from Celeblaws P.A., as well as Maya Addady, Esq. and Jaiseery (Jay) Arjoonsingh, Esq. from Celeblaws’ American legal team, joined a U.S.-related legal services introduction and business cooperation seminar through online platform at Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm on March 9. Attorney YANG, He, director of Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm, also participated in this event.


Director YANG, He, Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm


Attorney CAO, Xuemei

Attorney CAO, Xuemei, partner of Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm, was the opening guest. She shared the number of foreign-related cases and their amounts in controversies in recent years, and the “distance and relationship” between Chinese lawyers and foreign-related cases with all meeting participants. She encouraged Chinese lawyers to vigorously explore foreign-related cases and promote communication and cooperation regardless of language, age, and business fields. 


Ms. LI, Jing

LI, Jing, the liaison of Guangzhou office of Celeblaws P.A., introduced Celeblaws’ establishment, development, business scope. Ms. Li also introduced Celeblaws’ US office participants: attorney LIU, Qinghe, founder and managing partner of Celeblaws P.A.; senior attorney Jay, attorney Maya, and two interpreters YU, Ziqi and DONG, Wanjin.


Attorney LIU, Qinghe

Attorney Liu thanked attorney Cao and Director Yang of Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm for promoting and supporting this event, and attorney Liu also thanked the participants for their times, and also introduced each attorney’s sharing topic.


   Attorney Maya  


   Interpreter YU, Ziqi

Attorney Maya, as the first sharing attorney, elaborated on the three areas of intellectual property litigation, Amazon platform policy compliance, and arbitration—defending customers’ and sellers’ legitimate interests against Amazon. She used Celeblaws’ two ongoing cases before the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of Michigan Federal Court as examples. In intellectual property litigation cases, Celeblaws P.A. has extensive experiences in representing either the plaintiff or the defendant.


   Attorney Jay 


  Interpreter DONG, Wanjin

Attorney Jay, senior attorney of Celeblaws P.A., introduced the U.S. marital and family law, will, and trust issues, which high-networth Chinese people care about. He explained and elaborated on the topics with vivid cases from uncontested divorce, simplified dissolution of marriage, change of alimony, and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, to will, probate, and trust.


Attorney LIU, Qinghe

Attorney LIU, Qinghe, as the last sharing guest, illustrated with vivid cases to introduce U.S. immigration law, cross-border arbitration enforcement, and property investigation legal services. She also introduced EB-5’s high unemployment area projects and rural projects. At this moment, the filing dates and final action dates for these two EB-5 immigration programs are “current”.

After the the three attorneys’ presentations, the on-site leaders and attorneys from Guangzhou Greenleaf Law Firm actively participated in the Q&A session. Everyone was particularly interested in the cross-border intellectual property related legal services. Director Yang and many attorneys participated in the Q&A session.


Director YANG, He, Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm


Attorney WU, Qiaoling, Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm


Attorney YAN, Yao, Jinqiao Baixin Law Firm


Attorney ZHANG, Wei, Guangxin Junda Law Firm


Attorney DOU, Wanyun, Guangxin Junda Law Firm

This seminar is Celeblaws P.A.’s first seminar in 2023. It breaks the geographical limitations and time difference through online and offline participation, allowing Chinese and American attorneys to gather despite of the thousands of miles of physical distance and the 13-hour time difference. They shared the similarities and differences between Chinese and U.S. law and the differences between court process. This event was also broadcast live through the Douyin platform, with hundreds of online visitors.


This seminar is an exploration of online event in the context of the epidemic. In the future, Celeblaws P.A. will continue to promote communication and cooperation with Chinese law firms and continue to share more about US law. We look forward to the participation of more excellent attorneys through mutual communication and win-win cooperation.

Finally, Celeblaws would like to express deep gratitude to Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm, director YANG, He, and attorney CAO, Xuemei for their vigorous promotion, cooperation, and support.

Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm

Guangdong Greenleaf Law Firm, formerly known as Guangdong Law Firm, was founded in 1985. Adhering to the consistent robust style and professionalism, along with the comprehensive deepening of China's reform and opening and the continuous growth of the economy, Greenleaf in the past 37 years has not only helped countless Chinese and foreign clients to achieve success, but also has continued to grow and develop, becoming a powerful and reputable large partnership law firm. It was awarded the honorary title of the first batch of “Ministry-Level Civilized Law Firms” by the China Ministry of Justice in 1998, awarded the title of “National Excellent Law Firm” by All China Lawyers Association in 2005, and was awarded the “Standardized Management Award” of Guangzhou Lawyers Association for consecutive years. In 2007, it was awarded the title of “Standardized Law Firm” by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Guangzhou Lawyers Association. It was awarded the title of “New Era Frontier Award” in 2018 and “Provincial Excellent Law Firm in the Years of 2017-2021” in 2021 by Guangzhou Lawyers Association. Thirty-seven years of unremitting efforts of Greenleaf people have created the legal service brand of “Greenleaf”.


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